Взгляните на виртуальную зону отдыха фестиваля! Space-Tiki Bar телепортирует вас прямо в далекую экзопланету!
Ты становишься астронавтом в таинственном баре “Спейс-Тики”. Неизвестная культура оставила на этой планете экзотическое растение, артефакт и экзотическую архитектуру. Устраивайтесь поудобнее в баре и наслаждайтесь видом на пространство!

We have built this virtual space to provide a safe space for events during Corona! The Space-Tiki Bar is a cooperation with ‘Show it 360
Our Space-Tiki-Bar is now also available for your events!
Because everything is possible in a virtual space; without being directly on site. Teleport yourself directly to a distant exoplanet. The room can be used for conferences, parties, award ceremonies, or whatever else comes to your mind.
You will become an astronaut, meet unknown cultures, exotic plants, artefacts and make your event unique! Of course always with a view directly into space!
Booking and enquiries – please use our contact form‘.  
Here’s a little insight into what was going on in the bar recently; e.g. the presentation of the Digamus Award in the Deutsches Museum Digital – this is what it looks like when things get cramped even in virtual space: