Born on Earth in 1979; at the western spiral arm of our so-called Milkyway.Creator / Idealist / Misfit / Deus Ex Machina / Serendipity-fairyFounder & Organizer of Munich Science & Fiction Festival – art and science., and other transcendent events all over the galaxy.Ronit appeared in Munich around 2009 and tries to blend in since then. She brings together humans, aliens and other weirdos who are generally able to remember the future positively. Apart from that, she randomly uses a kind of serendipity- principle to enforce near future scenarios affirmative within our linear notion of space and time.For projects and special orders, I’m available as long as my ship is spinning in the orbit. Please feel free to contact me either here or telepathically. In terms of wishes, ideas or collaborations concerning the festival and its satellite-events…feel free to cooperate.stardust greetings – yoursRonit Wolf

Super Social Space Invader – One Day in another World – far before us. A Dream of a Super Social Life-form invading the Universe, adapting everything in their system over the course of history. An ‚arty‘ ficial intelligence capable of integrating everything they’ll encounter – assimilating both knowledge and space.


Ronit Wolf
Gotzingerstr. 48
81371 Munich


Let’s talk about aliens, baby.