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ZUGDIREKT artist collective

Just as the monoliths in “2001: A Space Odyssey” always usher in a new stage of development, the Light Cube # 3 (TMA-3) tries just that, but on a small scale. In its inner, otherwise invisible proportions and dimensions can be rediscovered. Nothing physical or tangible, everything only an appearance, but therefore no less real than the known.

The fourth monolith in the 2001 narrative and the third light cube by Zugdirect. Zugdirekt is a Munich-based collective. Since they 2014 use films, performances and installations in dealing with topics from the fields of virtuality, security and identity.


VR Artist | Tangible Universe

She is an astrophysicist and communication design student living in Würzburg, Germany. Her current focus is on information design and data visualization using digital media with focus on interactive design and animation.

In the study of the universe, light is the one of the main sources of information accessible to us. Using satellites and telescopes, we collect the light of astronomical objects. But only a small range of light is visible to the human eye. In this virtual environment, observational data of the ESA X-ray satellite, XMM-Newton, is visualized and tangible through haptic stimuli. Hence, the user can explore the sources of X-ray light in our universe that are invisible to the human eye.


Artist |’Soviet Space Dogs‘, 2019
Paper Sculptures // Part of the ongoing project ‘Furry Heroes of the Space Race

ALEXANDRA LUKASCHEWITZ is a Munich based artist. Her specialities are exceptional objects and characters made from paper. Growing up in the Bavarian Alps she has developed a deep love for nature and all its creatures. At the same time, she is deeply into monsters, comics and oddities. The influence of those two different worlds reflects in her themes and characters.

Alexandra is the co-founder and curator of Dog & Pony – a personal wunderkammer and pop-up gallery space.



VR Artist

Interactive illustrator, Game-Designer and 3D enthusiast and creator of dioramas for the Oculus Rift.

DANIEL KUHNLEIN @Dodecahedron im ZNT

Interactive Design

Daniel Kuhnlein develops digital projects of high aesthetic and technical quality. This Munich-based designer and web developer is passionate about his craft. He grew up using computer technology as a vehicle for creative expression and has acquired skills in a wide range of methods, techniques and tools which he uses in digital brand communication. In December 2003 he set up his own design office called Standard Deviation. Here he develops digital projects at the intersection of branding, users and technology – for companies, advertising agencies and cultural institutions.

In today’s digital age we are surrounded by a growing number of intelligent sensors and systems. They map out a data-based picture of our personal everyday lived reality and provide insight into our habits, surroundings, motivations, and needs. This, in turn, creates a fragmentary profile of our inner personality, which can be fleshed out by the right combination and interlinking of different data sources.

GOLDRUSH explores the tension between our subjective existence and an abstraction of the same based on collated measurement data. In the virtual space, viewers can now experience the paradox of coming face to face with a likeness of themselves, compiled purely from data, making them simultaneously subject and observer of their being.

Each viewer’s image appears at the centre of the installation in the form of a dynamically generated data sculpture. Analogous to the error-prone interpretation of the data stream on any one person, the data sculpture’s outer form is also subject to continuous change. Sometimes it appears incomplete and composed of individual fragments, sometimes comprehensive and uncannily detailed.

In the virtual space, viewers are free to move around their data sculpture and observe themselves from new angles. This places viewers in a reciprocal, non-static relationship with their own image. Their position and actions have a direct impact on their data stream, and the instant interpretation and representation of this fresh data can, in turn, prompt further reactions and changes in the viewer’s behaviour.




Diego Montoya’s work focuses on the intersection between technology and emotions,
object and observer, digital and real. In Voxel 3, a small creature greets its observers with
wonder, inviting them to get closer and interact with it, building an emotional bond. This
piece brings a piece of the virtual realm into a physical space, serving as both an
experiment on volumetric rendering and a study of human perception and empathy.


Creative Technologist · Maker

Eitan Rieger is a multidisciplinary freelancer, combining work in the fields of engineering, design and art. Having rich experience with various types of media, he combines them into new forms of productivity.
‘Photons cradle’ is an interactive take on Newton’s cradle, where it represents in a visual way, its physical mechanism.

Wein und Sexy


Speaker | Presenter | *Honorary Consul of Užupis*

Welcome and walk into the Russian Roulette of blank cartridges, the fireworks of the New Year’s Eve! This small calibre of the humour cannons shoots with sparrows on cannons for you, draws the red pencil through the alphabet soup and Ross Anthony’s pony crooked: Fabian Bürkin, a shadow that flutters through the night. Out of the dark. Into your living room. Prickles like gherkins, and sticks like hell.
So, sit back, feet on the coffee table and carpe the fucking diem. Because, as Grandma said, << The sky is the sky >>


VR Artists

Bianca Kennedy and The Swan Collective (founded in 2007) are freelance artists.
When they focus their efforts on projects, they are concerned with the future of evolution and its effects on plants, animals and humans. They studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, the Athens School of Fine Art and both received the scholarship of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.
Bianca’s works have been awarded numerous scholarships and prizes, such as the LOOP Discover Award in Barcelona. The VR work ANIMALIA SUM is their fourth joint project.

Felix und Bianca


Political scientist

Is a political scientist with a passion for sci-fi. Isabella shows us alternative realities that make our life more worth living. She works in interdisciplinary research groups as a science coordinator in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities at Popular Political Science.


Art Collective

Mood of Münchener Science and Fiction Festival. An immersive artwork by Juliana & Andrey Vrady and Ronit Wolf showcasing the dialogue between people and technology. How technology perceives human beings and how through the lens of the artist’s computational code we might look as art. It reads mimes and reactions of our guest’s faces and converts them into biometric data.

In real-time, the software of the artists transforms the actual ‘mood of the visitor’ into the collective ‘mood of Münchener Science&Fiction Festival’. The guests will see their emotions transformed into projections of lights and colours. A real new perspective of our own sentiments happen right before our eyes.




Katrin Sofie F. IS: Spoken Word, Lo-Fi, Punk and Hip-Hop, Performance, Clown, Angel, Host. She reduces and compresses with force, word and the courage to be strange.

She simply is, as Miss Poppins would say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

LEO NEUMANN @Pharmazie

Informatiker & Audiovisueller Künstler

Tonlichteinheit1 is an interactive audiovisual installation. It is based on spatiotemporal patterns defining sound synthesis as well as illumination. The presence of the viewer modulates the sound and light generation generating a complex composition. By using distributed light and structure-borne sound sources the installation creates a visual and physical experience of music and allows the viewer to dive into its soundscape.

Leo Neumann is an engineer and audiovisual artist. His work investigates the connections between sound, light, science and technology.

Version 2


Klingon teacher

Lieven L. Litaer is not only in the scene as an expert on Klingon
known. His expertise has often been in radio and television
and he was involved in various translation projects.
Last year he published his Klingon translation of the
Children’s book classic “The Little Prince”, which was nominated for the German
“Phantastik” award was nominated, and this year appeared the
world’s first phrasebook lingo Klingon.

MARINA CAMARGO @Treppenaufgang Ehrensaal

Visual Artist

Marina Camargo is a Brazilian visual artist who works in various media including video, photograph, installation and drawing.

She lives and works in Porto Alegre and Berlin.




Actually, Marco wanted to fly minerals from the planet Mars to Earth with his small startup and sell them here to the super richest in the world. Unfortunately, the logistics from Mars to Earth are still under construction (why does that take so long? Go Elon!) Therefore a Plan B: can you replicate the minerals of the planet Mars here on Earth – with scientific data from the Mars missions? Does anyone really dare submit that to a food inspector? Yes.

Computer Scientists & Artists

Accompany us wit Quantic Noise on the musical journey aboard 1977 launched interstellar spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which were the first man-made plants to leave our solar system and penetrate the interstellar space. Our soundscape as part of this year’s Munich Science & Fiction Festival pays homage to the music of the Voyager Golden Record – accompanied by its own compositions – recognized by the hearing of unknown species.



Slime Touch Sound Studio

By touching the mucous cones with the fingers a protagonist plays music.
The analogue touch is digitally interpreted by complex sound patterns, so it is also possible for »non-musicians« to play.
At the same time, fragrances have created that merge into a scent composition.

Team: Martin Nothhelfer, Björn Friese, Andreas Reheis, Alex Peters, Claudia Nothhelfer



Milena Wojhans artistic practice deals with the depiction of the human body, especially that of women, in todays media. Having worked as a photographer and retoucher for the fashion industry, the standardized digital and aesthetical optimizations of the body has informed her work ever since. Wojhan creates a wealth of photographic material by coordinating her own photoshoots. With the resulting images she starts a new process of digital distortion. Bodies are abstracted to their details, used as individual elements for montages. The resulting luminescent figures convey a feeling of disassociation from the body as a host.

The work questions our mediated beauty standards, and how they are changing our perception of what is natural, alienating us from our bodies. Wojhans distorted body worlds can be seen as dystopian landscapes.



Founder Deutsches Museum

From the cryostasis awakened / possibly a clone
“It’s Os to the car, from to the middle and Miller to the people in da houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse:
Clap your hands for the secret pin-up boy of all the Gyro Gearloose, the hydropower pioneer of the heart, the Tupac of AC! Smart, solvent, and sexy: the 19th-century Elon Musk with a comeback more eagerly awaited than the Backstreet Boys,
more unrealistic than that of the SPD and more necessary than all digitization offensives of the Federal Government together!
The man with the beard. The man who makes the particles swing. The man of all men. The man. Oscar. from. Miller.
He is back.”


Freelance Political Philosopher

Is a freelance political philosopher. Teaching assignments at several institutions (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich School of Public Policy, Bavarian Adult Education Centers in Munich and surroundings, Haus der Kunst Munich). Member of the board of the Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung. He earned his doctorate on Ursula le Guin’s works and is a Utopian specialist!



cosmic sci / tech / art project

SISTER MOON is inviting earthlings to echo their voice, sound or sound-art off the surface of the moon together with artist Martine-Nicole Rojina leading MPATHY STUDIO and HAM radio operators Jan van Muijlwijk and Harry Keizer of CAMRAS, working with moon bounce technology at the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope.

SISTER MOON recently was featured in the BBC Clicks moon landing special and was picked up by BBC world news. The community of moon bouncers steadily grows and more than 1300 earthlings reached the moon using moon bounce via the Dwingeloo Telescope since February 2018. The project shaped innovation history of the legendary Abbey Road studios (London) and travelled to major festivals such as South by Southwest SXSW (Austin TX), re:publica (Berlin) and STARMUS V (Zurich).


Artist | Heart for Aliens

In the search for effective light and shadow – playing in juxtaposition with different materials, a preference for the combination with acrylic glass has emerged.

The effect of light on the glass creates, by means of rotation, interesting reflections, which manifest themselves in different forms and fusions.




Theresa studied political science, philosophy and economics and worked as a software developer, SAP consultant, project manager of solar systems and lighting designer before turning to writing full time. Now, as a writer of science-fiction novels, she is concerned with the future of our society in terms of digitization, AI, and climate change.
With her project #wikifueralle she is committed to more visibility of women and non-binary people in the German-language Wikipedia.


Light artist

LIGHT artist, Amano Viktor Rencelj, has a profound depth, the beauty of the soul, and the unique composure of a man who truly understands the creation of a piece of art. The essence of Amano Viktor Light sculpture is not the form, but the mystery behind that prism.