• Welcome Star-Children!
    Welcome Star-Children! *
  • Festival number 8 is waiting in the wings! We are back from: 16. - 17. of october 2021 at our Mothership *Deutsches Museum* (1.Floor|historical halls). You are a: Future-Optimist? Artist? Alien? Scientist? Dimension-Slacker? Parallelworld-Tourist? Sci-fi-Afficionado? Innovator? -Good-. Calls are open for our this years festival topic: DARK MATTER!

  • And don't forget – read more Science-Fiction; hence you are prepared for everything that comes after a pandemic. Let's move on and give the world another future-infusion!

  • Sparkling, starry greetings
  • from Ronit Wolf & the Crew. *

    Directed by Cilgia Keller, Jace Kunfermann, Finn Meisner & Livia Neuenschwander


    Directed by Leo Graf, Tanja Nuijten & Leance Volschenk

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