Directed by Cilgia Keller, Jace Kunfermann, Finn Meisner & Livia Neuenschwander

  • Welcome Earthlings!
    Welcome Earthlings! *

    It's great to see you here – so, you are also within another loop on this planet? 🙂 Good so – make it a better place with your thoughts and spirits!

  • WE ARE BACK!, ...from a galaxy far, far away! With our 8th and 9th Festival – bringing future-optimism directly to you - both to our new spaceship in Moscow – as well as to our beloved mothership in Munich at Deutsches Museum! It starts again in autumn – so keep your Vulcan ears rigid! Yeah, anyway... you thought such a pandemic blows us out of the orbit? No! We are future-proof – and as we always warned you: Read and watch more Sci-fi!

  • Such a pandemic is just a piece of cake for us, consuming Sci-fi for decades, prepared us for every disaster 😉 so – Let's move on! We are back again with an infusion of ART, Science and obviously Science-Fiction and going viral with our new OPEN CALL: You are an artist, alien, scientist, dimension-slacker, a hitchhiker from the galaxy, big child, inventor, android, robot, transformator, initiator, unfortunately invisible? Okay, we need you! Please apply for this years' favourite topic: DARK MATTER!

  • → Please send your applications easily via – contact here – just drop by and leave a subspace message with your idea, proposal or collaboration!

  • Sparkling, starry greetings from
  • Ronit Wolf & Crew! *

    Directed by Leo Graf, Tanja Nuijten & Leance Volschenk

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